How to set up TOLL Priority

TOLL’s integration with Starshipit allows you to use all of Starshipit's features including generation of packing slips and shipping labels, auto-correction of addresses, branded tracking and notifications and many more.

This article outlines how to set up TOLL Priority as a courier service in Starshipit.

Setting up TOLL Priority as a courier

  1. Download the TOLL Priority ET SLID Registration Form.
  2. Complete the following information:
    • Date
    • TOLL Priority account manager
    • Company contact details and address
    • Customer and account details
    • Sender accounts
  3. If you're unsure what information to enter, you should get in touch with your TOLL Priority contact or account manager and they can help you complete the form. Note that part of the form has been filled in with 'X's. Please don't edit these to ensure your form is processed correctly.
  4. Send your completed form to

Starshipit will set up your TOLL account and inform you once this is done.

Set up your product codes

  1. Confirm with TOLL Priority which product codes to enter.
  2. Go to Settings, then select Couriers.
  3. Open your Toll Priority Settings.
  4. Click on Add New Product Code.
  5. Enter the code and name. 
  6. Click Add.
  7. Repeat steps 5-6 for each product code.


Toll B2C product code and product name

  • SH - B2C Priority Parcel ATL
  • SD - B2C Priority 1kg Satchel ATL*
  • K5 - B2C Priority 1kg Satchel SR*
  • SF - B2C Priority 3kg Satchel ATL*
  • M5 - B2C Priority 3kg Satchel SR*
  • SG - B2C Priority 5kg Satchel ATL*
  • M6 - B2C Priority 5kg Satchel SR*
  • M7 - B2C Priority Parcel

*Note - For the Service Codes with a weight in the name, that exact weight will be assigned e.g. "B2C Priority 3kg Satchel SR" 3.00 kg will be assigned to the weight.


Toll B2B product code and product name


Code Name Product Code in StarShipIT
02 Parcels Express Same Day 10
02 Parcels Express Overnight 11
02 Parcels Express Off Peak 12
02 Parcels Express After hrs and Sat 13
02 Parcels Express Sunday/Public Holiday 14
20 Aus Wide 1KG Satchel 20
21 Aus Wide 3KG Satchel 21
22 Aus Wide 5KG Satchel 22
26 Aus Wide 3KG Label 26
60 Optical 500gm Satchel (Overnight) 79
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  • Hi Team, I love Starshipit, but Toll Priority does time out a lot. I spoke to Toll, and they said Starshipit is using their old API. Are you planning on upgrading to the new API anytime soon?

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