How to set up FedEx International Connect (FIC)


  • Starshipit's integration with FedEx International Connect (FIC) allows users to enjoy features such as generating packing slips and shipping labels, auto-correction of addresses, and branded tracking and notifications.
  • This article provides an outline on how to set up your FedEx International Connect account in Starshipit and important information regarding product codes and package limitations.

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Before you begin

You will need your API credentials from FedEx. Contact your FedEx International Connect account manager to obtain these.

How to set up FedEx International Connect

To enable FedEx International Connect on your Starshipit account:

  1. In Starshipit, navigate to Settings > Couriers
  2. Click Add a new courier and select FedEx International Connect.
  3. Tick Enable FedEx International Connect.
  4. Enter your API credentials provided by FedEx International Connect.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Add your Product codes.

Available Products

Configure your product codes based on your shipping needs. Supported product codes include:

  • TPWW (FIC - Tracked Worldwide)
  • TPWP (FIC – PUDO Service)
  • TPWE (FIC – Tracked USA Priority 30K)
  • TPEX (FIC – Express Priority)
  • TPLP (FIC – Limited Tracked +)
  • TPLT (FIC – Limited Tracked)
  • UK24 (UK 24 hours)
  • UK48 (UK 48 hours)
  • RM24 (Royal Mail Tracked 24)
  • RM48 (Royal Mail Tracked 48)
  • 72PT (Yodel 72 Hour Packet)
  • UNTK (FIC – Untracked (UK))


Not all products may be supported in every region.

Additional Notes

  • FedEx International Connect API does not support rates.
  • FedEx International Connect does not support multipiece shipping. Each package requires its own label and ships independently.

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