Sending dangerous goods with Post Haste

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  • Starshipit supports sending dangerous goods with Post Haste. You'll need to add each dangerous good you wish to send with Post Haste to your Starshipit settings.
  • You’ll also need to follow Post Haste Dangerous Goods (DG) guidelines before transport.
  • After adding Post Haste dangerous goods to Starshipit, you can set which orders contain dangerous goods using rules or set a default dangerous goods type.

Getting set up with Post Haste

To ship Dangerous Goods with Post Haste, first, you'll need to integrate your Post Haste account to Starshipit. Follow this guide to set up Post Haste. 

Adding dangerous goods in Starshipit

To start, you’ll need to add dangerous goods to the Post Haste settings page in Starshipit.

  1. Go to Settings > Couriers 
  2. Select Post Haste
  3. Go to the Dangerous Goods tab
  4. Click Add new to add the dangerous goods type.
  5. Add DG details for each field
    Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet of the product if needed
  6. Click Save to save your changes

It is recommended that you make sure all fields are filled out for hassle-free shipping. Post Haste also requires the item quantity, which you can set in the weight field of the item details.

Sending orders containing dangerous goods

If you tick the Dangerous Goods box manually on the order details page, the default dangerous good selected on the settings page will be applied.

Applying dangerous goods using rules

Once you’ve set up dangerous goods in Starshipit, you can apply them using rules. Any rules containing a dangerous good which has not been set up in your Starshipit settings will be ignored.

To assign dangerous goods using rules follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Rules
  2. Add a new rule with any condition. E.g: SKU equals 12345
  3. Select the action Set Dangerous Goods Type
  4. Select Value > Post Haste
  5. In the field next to Value, enter the identification number (UN Number/Commodity ID number) of the dangerous good you’ve set up in Starshipit.
  6. On import, all details will be copied from the dangerous goods you’ve set up to the order.

Printing Dangerous Goods Declaration Form

The DG declaration form will be automatically generated as a PDF and downloaded to your computer at the same time as the label print, using the information from the Dangerous Goods setting when the shipment is flagged for containing dangerous goods.

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