Australia Post Postage Paid


  • Postage Paid is a pre-printed impression that serves as an alternative to postage stamps or a postage meter.
  • The Australia Post Mail label comes with a postage paid imprint. It is suitable for customers who send regular quantities of mail, or small items such as seeds.
  • This guide provides step-by-step instructions on setting up and using Australia Post Mail labels effectively for your shipping need.

How to set up Australia Post Postage Paid

When scanning Australia Post prepaid satchels/labels, you need to use a barcode scanner which supports scanning 2D barcodes.
  1. Go to Settings > Couriers.
  2. Click Add a new courier.
  3. Click Australia Post Mail.
  4. Select Enable Australia Post Mail.
  5. (Optional) – Enable additional options.
  6. Click Save.

Additional options

Option Description
Enable Postage Paid Priority Stamp for Australia Post The Postage Paid Priority imprint is automatically added to labels
Hide sender address Remove the sender address from the label
Hide barcode Remove the order number from the label
Show receiver phone number Display the receiver phone number on the label
Display item SKUs on labels Displays your item SKUs on labels
Use tracking number when available for barcode The tracking barcode is displayed on labels
Use Reference field on label (as opposed to Order Number) Choose whether you'd like to have your order number or the reference number printed on the shipping label


How do I pay for Australia Post Postage Paid?

You can use an Australia Post Business Credit Account (or cash) to pay for Postage Paid Imprint mail.

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