How to set up Team Global Express NZ


  • Team Global Express NZ (formerly Toll) is a logistics company that delivers goods and services across New Zealand. 
  • Team Global Express NZ has two service types, Parcel and LCL. Starshipit supports both services. 

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Before you begin

Before getting started with Team Global Express NZ you will need a few things:

  • Request your Payer code from Team Global Express NZ (this can be found on your invoice). This will be unique to your Team Global Express NZ account. 
  • Reach out to our support team with your Payer code. We will set up your Team Global Express NZ integration.

Services and products 


Team Global Express has four service types:

  • Door to door – Collected from and delivered to customers door.
  • Door to Rail - Pickup from Customers door to Team Global Express Depot. Receivers need to organise their own collection.
  • Rail to Door - Dropped off to the Team Global Express depot and delivered to the customer door.
  • Rail to Rail – Dropped off to the Team Global Express Depot and collected from the Team Global Express depot. Not collected and neither delivered.
  • Point to point - Freight travelling from customer site to customer site. Direct delivery. A truck will collect and deliver to the receiver on the go. 

Starshipit users can set up one service type for their Team Global Express NZ shipments. 


Team Global Express NZ offers two services, parcel and LCL. At this time, Starshipit supports sending shipments with Team Global Express NZ's parcel and LCL services.  

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  • Hi there, 

    Toll is now trading under Team Global Express. Does this mean we can still integrate with starship? 

    If so, do you know who we can contact at toll to find out our client's secret etc., I just tried to call someone, and they didn't know. 




  • Hi Emily,

    Please send your Payer Code (this can be found on your invoice) to We will get in touch with Toll NZ (Team Global Express) to integrate your account. 



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