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  • FedEx's Express integration with Starshipit allows you to generate packing slips and shipping labels, send branded tracking notifications, generate live rates at checkout and writeback tracking to your chosen platform.

  • This article outlines how to set up FedEx Express in your Starshipit account.

Before you begin

Before getting started with the integration you will first need a FedEx Express account.

How to set up FedEx Express

  1. Go to Settings > Couriers > Add New Courier > FedEx.
  2. Enter your FedEx Express account number.
  3. Tick Enable FedEx.
  4. Read and accept the End User License Agreement (EULA).
  5. Select register - your API details and meter number will auto-populate.
  6. Enter your product codes with the FedEx Express services you wish to use. Available services are listed below and on the FedEx Express settings in Starshipit.
  7. Upload an image of your signature to be displayed on the commercial invoice.
  8. Upload an image of your company letterhead to be displayed on the commercial invoice.
  9. Select your FedEx Express packaging type. You can select one packaging type for FedEx Express shipments.

FedEx Express's Available Products

Code Product Name 
Express Saver

FedEx Express Additional Features 

Signature & Letterhead

You are required to upload a signature and letter head that will be used on your commercial invoices. To add this, go to Settings > Couriers > FedEx Settings and upload a signature/letter head in the Logos section.

Electronic Trade Documents

For a smoother customs clearance process, submit your trade documents electronically with FedEx Electronic Trade Documents. To enable this on your account, navigate to Settings > Couriers > FedEx > tick Use Electronic Trade Documents When enabled, your invoices will be created automatically when you print the shipping labels.

Order reference on label

The order number (our ref) is shown on the label in the 'ref' field. This is enabled by default.

Reason for Export
Set a reason for export for your FedEx shipments. You can set export reason per Starshipit account. To set your reason for export, navigate to Settings > Couriers > FedEx > Reason for Export and select from the dropdown list. 
Cancel a shipment

You can cancel a FedEx Express shipment through the Starshipit portal. To do this, take the tracking number you'd like to cancel and go to the Settings > Couriers > FedEx > Tools > and enter the number. Click cancel to initiate the cancellation with FedEx Express.

Duty and Tax Account Number

You can now set a dedicated duties and taxes account number for FedEx international shipments. This alternative account number will be used when 'DDP' (Delivered Duty Paid) is flagged, ensuring that duties are billed directly to the specified account.

To set up your duty and tax account number:

  1. In Starshipit, navigate to Settings > Couriers > FedEx Settings.
  2. Tick Delivered Duty Paid.
  3. Click Save.

Sold to Address

You can now set your sold to address for FedEx International Ground shipments. These details will be sent to FedEx in the shipment request and shown on the commercial invoice. 

To set up your sold to address for FedEx:

  1. In Starshipit, navigate to Settings > Options > Additional Parties Customs > Add new.
  2. Ensure that the 'Buyer' party type is selected. 
  3. Add your Sold to Address details. You can also add a duties and taxes account number specific to the sold to address. 
  4. Click Save. 

When you process shipments with the FedEx International Ground service the Sold To address will be populated with the details you have entered.

Common errors

Internal Service Error

If you get an "Internal Service Error." when trying to authenticate, this may mean your street address is too long. FedEx Express requires this to be less than 35 characters. Shorten your address and add it again to see if that resolves the error.

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