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  • Learn answers to frequently asked questions about the MyPost integration on Starshipit.
  • If you haven't set up your MyPost account with Starshipit yet, follow the steps in this guide.
How does label printing and manifesting work?

MyPost Business shipments can be processed in the same way as any other courier on Starshipit.

MyPost Business orders do not require manifesting. All charges (credit card or business accounts) will be charged as soon as the order is printed. Due to this, all orders will go straight to the shipped tab when they are printed. 

Learn more about printing labels on Starshipit.

What size labels does MyPost support?

There are two label sizes available for domestic. They are:

  • 100x150mm (A6)
  • Four A6 labels on an A4 sheet

For international there is one size:

  • CN23 (A5) labels printed on A4 paper.
When and how are charges applied?

Credit Card / Debit Card

Each time you print a MyPost Business label in Starshipit your credit card will be charged by Australia Post. Each time you print this will be reflected as one transaction on your card.

So if you print one label at a time you will have multiple transactions shown on your bank statement. If you bulk print the charges will be consolidated under one transaction.

Charge Account

Each time you print a MyPost Business label in Starshipit the amount will be added to your MyPost Business charge account. Payments can then be made to your MyPost Business account outside of Starshipit.

To set this up follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the MyPost courier settings in Starshipit: Settings > Couriers > MyPost Business Settings
  2. Click the Lookup button next to the Account Number field
  3. Click the Select button next to the row with the Account Type "Charge"
  4. Click Save
How can I cancel a shipment and get refunded?

Note: Only payments made by credit / debit card can be refunded online. MyPost Business charge account customers must contact Australia Post Customer Service to request a refund.

MyPost Business shipments must be cancelled from your account within the MyPost Business portal.

To do this follow the below steps:

  1. Log into the MyPost business dashboard.
  2. Click the Track tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Find the shipment you would like to cancel, then click View to the right of it.
  4. Click the Refund button will be displayed in the top right.

Note: If a shipment is ineligible to be refunded, the Refund button will not be displayed. To view a list of reasons why a shipment is ineligible, refer to the MyPost Business FAQs which can be accessed via the Support section in the MyPost Dashboard.

With charge accounts you need to lodge a case with AusPost to refund labels.

How do pickups work?

Pickups can be booked in through Starshipit when you bulk print labels with MyPost Business. To enable the pickup functionality follow the below steps:

  1. In Starshipit, go to Settings > Couriers > MyPost Business.
  2. Tick Book pickups on bulk label print.
  3. Click Save.

When you book a pickup through Starshipit via bulk print the pickup will be created for the next business day between 9am and 1pm.

MyPost Business has a limit of 100 packages per pickup. If you try and book more than this, you will get an error. 

Each time you bulk print a pickup is created, so be sure to print all of your labels under one bulk print each day, as Australia Post charges $11.98 per pickup.

What is the difference between the MyPost Service Codes?

MyPost Business has two different service types. Flat Rate Satchels/Boxes and their Parcel services. In general, if you are buying the branded boxes and satchels from Australia Post you should be using the flat rate boxes, and if you are using your own packaging you should be using the parcel services. For more information, please contact Australia Post. 

B20 and B30 vs B21 and B31

You will notice that there are two different parcel post services and two different express post services. 

  • B20 is Express Post for orders under 5kg.
  • B30 is Standard Post for orders under 5kg.
  • B21 is Express Post for orders between 5kg and a maximum weight of 22kg
  • B31 is Standard Post for orders between 5kg and a maximum weight of 22kg

Starshipit will automatically display the service that matches the package dimensions in the order dialog. This is the same with live rates. 

Can I insure my My Post Business Packages?

Yes! With MyPost Business you can opt in to insure your packages using MyPost's "Extra Cover" service. Extra Cover costs $0 for the first $100 of cover for both International and Domestic parcel sending!
To insure an order you can:

  • On an order by order basis:
    1. Open the order you would like to insure.
    2. Tick the "Cover/Warranty Required" tickbox.
    3. Enter a cover value on an order.
    4. Click Print.
  • Create a rule to automatically apply cover
    1. Go to Settings > Rules > Create a new Rule.
    2. Select the condition (s) that apply.
    3. Set the action to Set Insurance Required Value True.

If you would like to only take advantage of the free cover provided by MyPost Business, you can set up your account to limit the extra cover to $100. If the order is valued at more than $100, we will cap the insurance requested at $100.

  1. Go to Settings > Carriers > My Post Business Settings > Limit Extra Cover to $100

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