Cancel Royal Mail shipments


  • Learn how to cancel Royal Mail shipments via Intelligent Shipper
  • You should be cancelling all shipments which you do not send out to avoid being billed for them.

Why do I need to cancel Royal Mail shipments?

Royal Mail requires all shipments to be manifested or cancelled whether they have been sent or not.

In Starshipit, you can print a label, then archive it or redo it and create a new label (redoing also archives shipments). The archived shipments must be cancelled if you wish to avoid unwanted charges.

Any shipments which are not manifested in Starshipit or cancelled in Intelligent Shipper (see below) will be automatically manifested at the end of every week on Sunday at 10:00 pm UK Time, resulting in unwanted charges from Royal Mail.

How do I cancel Royal Mail shipments?

Firstly, you will need access to the Intelligent Shipper portal. You should have a username and password for Intelligent Shipper from when our Customer Success team set you up. If not, please contact us here for assistance.

  1. Go to Intelligent Shipper, and log in with your username and password.
  2. On the left sidebar, click Shipment Processing.
  3. Under Processed Shipments, click the arrows to refresh the shipments.
  4. Click View Shipments.
  5. Under View Shipments sort by Shipment Date.
  6. Tick each shipment you need to cancel, then select Cancel Shipments in the top right corner.
  7. Select a Reason for Cancellation (e.g. Wrong Service), then click Yes.
  8. The shipments selected will be cancelled.

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