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Set up Australia Post eParcel lodgement points


  • This article outlines how to set up multiple Australia Post eParcel lodgement points in Starshipit.

What is a lodgement point

A lodgement point is where your packages will be dropped off, picked up, and taken to by Australia Post. In most cases a lodgement point will be a post office, however parcel facilities such as the Melbourne Parcel Facility or Sydney Parcel Facility can also be lodgement points.

Each Australia Post eParcel account will have a lodgement point associated with it. Check with your Australia Post account manager if you are unsure which lodgement point(s) you use.

How to use lodgement points

If your business uses two or more lodgement points then this will mean you have two or more Australia Post eParcel accounts.

Starshipit can support multiple lodgement points through the use of child accounts. Child accounts are part of an account hierarchy, in essence they are sub accounts that sit under your main Starshipit account. Each child account can have its own pick up address or in this case lodgement point.

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