How to integrate your couriers


  • This article outlines the basics of courier integration.
  • Integrations requirements differ between couriers. With some couriers, Starshipit will contact the courier on your behalf to retrieve the required credentials. In other cases, you will need to contact them directly.

How does Starshipit handle shipping rates?

We don’t clip the ticket on your shipments.

There are two options for rates with Starshipit: You can access discounted shipping rates or bring your own rates (with no penalties).

If you don’t have a courier account yet, we can get you set up in no time with plug-and-play couriers which charge directly to your credit card.


1. Start integrating with your couriers 

  • Log into Starshipit and select Getting Started.
  • Select Couriers.
  • Click Add New Row.


  • Select your courier from the drop-down list.
  • Depending on the courier you select, you will either be prompted to enter your account number or be given next steps, e.g. contact the courier directly.
  • If you are prompted to enter your account number, enter it and click Submit Request. If you are given next steps, follow the instructions.
  • Check the support documentation in the right-hand column for more information about setting up your specific courier in Starshipit.

What's Next?

Every courier is different, so integration requirements and instructions differ between them. Read more support documentation to find out more about how to integrate with your specific courier provider.

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