Set up DPD NL


  • Set up DPD NL as a courier service in Starshipit.

Before you begin

You need your:

  • DPD NL Customer Number
  • Depot Number (provided by DPD NL)
  • User ID (known as the Delis ID, provided by DPD NL)
  • User Password (known as the Delis Password, provided by DPD NL)

If you are missing any of these credentials, please contact your account manager at DPD NL and request them.

You will need to enter your details and load your product codes.

1. Enter your account details in Starshipit


NOTE: You should click on the 'Test to ensure it works' button to see if your credentials are working correctly.

2. Load your product codes

You need to add your product codes to complete the integration. The available product codes are:

  • CL = Classic
  • E830 = Express 08:30
  • E10 = Express 10:00
  • E12 = Express 12:00
  • E18 = Guarantee 18:00
  • IE2 = International Express


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