Using one Australia Post eParcel account ID in multiple Starshipit accounts


  • This article outlines key considerations when using the same Australia Post eParcel API credentials on multiple accounts in Starshipit.
  • Starshipit uses the Dispatch ID and Current Increment values in your Australia Post settings to create tracking numbers.
  • The Current Increment values must be separated by at least 1,000,000 on each Starshipit account.
  • The advice in this article also applies for StarTrack.

How it works

When generating labels and tracking numbers, Starshipit will use the Dispatch ID (MLID) associated with your Australia Post eParcel account. The Dispatch ID will always prefix any tracking number generated by Australia Post. Immediately following the Dispatch ID in the tracking number is the Current Increment which always goes up by one for each Australia Post eParcel label you print.

The default increment will be 3,400,000, however, if the same Australia Post eParcel API details have been used in multiple Starshipit accounts and a previously used increment is re-used this can result in duplicate tracking numbers. Shipments with duplicate tracking numbers will still be delivered correctly, but two or more sets of tracking events will appear against that tracking number. Starshipit will attempt to alert you with an error when or before this happens.


For the above reasons we recommend separating the Current Increment value by at least 1,000,000 on each Starshipit account when using the same Australia Post eParcel API details.

Change the increment number

  1. In Starshipit, navigate to Settings > Couriers.
  2. Click Settings next to Australia Post.
  3. Under Current Increment change the increment number by at least 1,000,000.
  4. Click Set.
  5. Click Save.

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