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To integrate CouriersPlease with your Starshipit account, you need to have an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) account. If you don't have one, simply contact your CouriersPlease account manager.

To complete the setup steps, you need your CouriersPlease account number (9 digits), your dispatch ID, and the product codes associated with your CouriersPlease account.

If you are missing any of these, contact your CouriersPlease account manager or contact Starshipit support with your account number.

1. Enter your CouriersPlease information in Starshipit

  • Go to Settings > Couriers > Add New Courier > CouriersPlease
  • Tick Enable CouriersPlease
  • Complete the account number and dispatch ID fields
  • Click Save

2. Enter your product codes

CouriersPlease will provide different product codes based on your requirements and account eligibility. Product codes for shipments need to be populated similar to the following, and these products will then be available throughout Starshipit.

  • Go to Settings > Couriers > CouriersPlease
  • Click on Add Product Codes
  • Enter the Code and Name
  • Click Save

3. Troubleshooting

Q. Why are the rates displayed in Starshipit incorrect?

A. Rates are retrieved, based on the product codes. Check with CouriersPlease that the product codes you are using are correct.

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