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How to set up DHL Express

DHL Express’s integration with Starshipit allows you to use all of Starshipit's features including generation of packing slips and shipping labels, auto-correction of addresses, branded tracking and notifications and many more.

This article outlines how to set up DHL Express as a courier service in Starshipit.

Before you begin

You need your: 

  • DHL Account Number
  • MyDHL API username (this is different to your MyDHL username)
  • MyDHL API password (this is different to your MyDHL password)

If you don't have these credentials, please follow the below instructions as outlined by DHL Express:

  1. Click on the link of MyDHL API Portal:
  2. Click on Get Access
  3. Click on sign up or if you have already registered, please sign in with your login username & password.
  4. You will receive similar registration email as below with your username & password:mceclip1.png
  5. Login to and complete & submit the onboarding request form. This will be sent to DHL for approval. mceclip2.png
  6. You will be asked a question - How would you like to use the API? – Select: I require credentials to DHL Express – MyDHL API for an existing plugin/ecommerce platform/third-party solution. Enter Starshipit in the Requestor Platform Name field. mceclip0.png
  7. After you complete the above onboarding request form, DHL will receive your credential request and they will approve it and provide the credentials to you directly.
  8. When you have received your MyDHL API credentials please follow the below steps or alternatively send your MyDHL API credentials to and our team will help you get set up. 

Setting up your DHL Express in Starshipit

1. Go to Settings > Couriers > Add Courier > DHL Express.

2. Check the Enable DHL checkbox.

3. Select MyDHL API

4. Fill in your account number, MyDHL API username, and MyDHL API password.

5. Click Save.


6. Set up your product codes

Add your product codes to complete the integration.

  1. Click Add new product codes.
  2. Fill in details as required.
  3. Click Add.

NOTE: The most common product code for DHL Express is WPX for international and DOM for domestic.

7. Order DHL labels

To order DHL labels (100*200) request a supply here.

8. Commercial Invoices & Archive Waybills

International shipments sent via DHL Express require a Commercial Invoice and a Archive Waybill (label) to be supplied with the shipment. The Commercial Invoice should be attached to package and the Archive Waybill is to be given to the DHL driver.

In most cases DHL will approve your account to be setup with a service called Paperless Trade.

Paperless Trade allows the Commercial Invoice and Archive Waybill to be uploaded electronically to DHL instead of being printed.

If you are setup with Paperless Trade in Starshipit, then you will only receive a single DHL label. This is all that is required for international shipments. Alternatively, if you are not approved to use Paperless Trade you will always receive a single DHL label, Commercial Invoice and Archive Waybill.

Some countries do not support Paperless Trade. When you create a shipment to a country which does not support Paperless Trade, Starshipit will automatically supply you with a Commercial Invoice and Archve Waybill.

To enable Paperless Trade:

  1. Contact your DHL account manager to confirm you are approved to use Paperless Trade.
  2. In your Starshipit account, go to Settings, then select Couriers.
  3. Select Settings, next to DHL Express.
  4. Under the Advanced tab, tick the option Paperless Trade.
  5. Scroll to the very bottom of the page, and click Save.

Optional: Adding custom information to the commercial invoice

If you have information you would like to include on the commercial invoice which only applies in certain scenarios, you can use the rules engine.

  1. Go to Settings > Rules > Create a new Rule
  2. For the condition, select when you would like it to apply (For example Destination Country contains US)
  3. For the action, select "Set Invoice Declaration Text" and then enter what you would like to include
  4. Click Save

The commercial invoice will now include this on the invoice like so:


Alternative account for duties and taxes

To set up your duties and taxes account number follow the below steps
  1. Go to Settings > Couriers > DHL Express > Advanced
  2. Scroll down to the 'Customs Invoice' section
  3. Enter the DHL Express account number that you would like to charge duties and taxes to for your DHL Express shipments. This can be a third party DHL Express account.


1) Error: "Please provide a package description"

In Settings > Options > Package Description, provide a general description of your products (e.g. Clothing, Cosmetic Product, Swimwear).

2) Error: "The system could not verify your shipping account number. Please correct this number and resubmit. For assistance call your DHL customer services representative."

Contact your DHL account manager because there is an issue with your DHL account.


Other relevant information for you:

For more information on DHL Express WayBills, click here

If you use BBX (Break Bulk Express), you'll need to request DHL to whitelist you for using XML-PI for it. See also DHL Express Break Bulk Express (BBX) Setup.



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