Australia Post eParcel A6 CN22 Labels


  • Learn how to configure print settings for Australia Post eParcel international labels, including the A6 (thermal printer size) CN22 label.
  • Enable the CN22 label for all international services that Australia Post eParcel allows. Note that this does not include signed for services such as PTI7  (they must still use CN23).

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Configuring print settings for Australia Post

You can set up print settings for different label types.

Classic UI UI 2.0
  1. Go to Settings, select Printing, then select the Advanced tab. 
  2. Click Add new print settings.
  3. Click on the print settings type that you want to set up for Australia Post.
    • AusPost - for domestic standard + express
    • AusPost Express - for domestic express (overrides the one above)
    • AusPost International - for international CN23
    • AusPost International 100x150 - for international CN22
  4. Set your Print Method e.g. Download PDF, Print Client.

Using A6 international (CN22) for all international products

  • With orders of weight less than or equal to 2 kg, the international services available are AIR8, ECM8, ECD8, PTI8 + RPI8.
  • With orders of weight more than 2 kg, the international services available are AIR8 + ECM8.

Enabling A6 (CN22) labels

  1. Go to Settings, select Couriers, then select Australia Post.
  2. Click the Advanced to see additional Australia Post settings.
  3. Tick Use CN22 for all international products.

If ticked:

  • RPI8, ECD8 + PTI8 generate CN22
  • AIR8 with order weight less than or equal to 2 kg generates CN22, otherwise CN23
  • ECM8 with order weight less than or equal to 2.55 kg generates CN22, otherwise CN23
    (note that this is an AusPost defect which will be corrected to 2 kg, to align with AIR8)

If unticked (default):

  • ECM8, ECD8 + PTI8 generate CN23
  • AIR8 with order weight less than or equal to 2 kg generates CN22, otherwise CN23
  • RPI8 generates CN22


  • As well as the 2 kg weight limit mentioned above, there are some other conditions that will automatically switch the generation of the label from CN22 to CN23 - see the criteria below about parcel dimensions, value and the table detailing product/service code and destination country combinations where the country does not permit CN22.
  • AusPost currently does NOT support foreign characters in CN22 (only in CN23). This is an AusPost limitation, which they are aware of (hopefully they will change this in the future).

Meeting A6 (CN22) label criteria

You must meet the following criteria to enable an A6 (CN22) label, otherwise the system will default to the A5 (CN23) label.

  • Parcel dimensions are less than or equal to 90 cm (L + W + D combined)
  • The greatest parcel dimension is less than or equal to 60 cm
  • Total consignment value is less than or equal to $500 AUD
  • Parcel weight is less than or equal to 2 kg
  • Parcel delivers to a country that permits the CN22 A6 label (refer to the table below)

Countries that permit the CN22 A6 label

The following table is from Australia Post.

Product Country Zone
Express All except China 8
Standard without a signature on delivery Belgium 8
Canada 4
Croatia 8
Denmark 8
Estonia 8
France 7
Germany 7
Hong Kong 3
Hungary 8
India 3
Ireland 6
Israel 9
Japan 3
Korea, Republic of (Note – Democratic Republic of Korea does not allow the label) 3
Lithuania 9
Malaysia 3
Malta 8
Netherlands 7
New Zealand 1
Philippines 5
Poland 8
Portugal 8
Singapore 3
Slovenia 8
Spain 7
Sweden 7
Taiwan 2
Thailand 3
United States 4
United Kingdom 6
Vietnam 3

Last updated February 2024

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