How to print Australia Post shipping labels 4 per page


  • Print 3 or 4 Australia Post shipping labels per page to an A4 label sheet.
  • After you’ve set up an Australia Post eParcel account, generate your Australia Post eParcel labels in the format of three express or four standard labels on an A4 sheet.
Print Client and Print Node are not supported for AusPost label sheets.

1. Configure print settings

  1. In Starshipit, go to Settings > Couriers
  2. Click on Australia Post Settings.
  3. Select the Advanced tab, and scroll to the bottom until you find Format.
  4. Set the format to A4 4-per Std & 3-per label Express.
  5. Click Save.

2. Generate label sheets

There are two ways to generate the labels with AusPost Label Sheets

Bulk print

When you bulk print from the Orders page, you'll receive a PDF download immediately with the orders in the format for express or standard.

Add labels to a queue

If you open an order and then click print, the labels will be submitted to a queue where you'll need to download them from a separate page. To do this:

  1. Go to Orders, and select the New tab.
  2. Open the order.
  3. Click Print Labels. Your label will be added to the queue.
  4. Under Actions, select Print AusPost label sheets from the dropdown menu.
  5. Click Print Express Sheets or Print Standard Sheets to download a PDF with your labels.

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