How to set up a Plain Label courier


  • Set up a plain label type for orders that do not require a specific courier service, or for users without a courier service account. 
  • You can configure five plain labels per Starshipit account.
  • Only printed customer notifications are available for a plain label
  • NB: When scanning Australia Post prepaid satchels/labels, you need to use a barcode scanner which supports scanning 2D barcodes.

1. Set up a Plain Label

  1. Go to Settings > Couriers.
  2. Click Add a new courier.
  3. Under Other, select Plain Label
  4. Select Enable a plain label.
  5. Enter the name of your carrier.
  6. Enter a tracking URL. This sends a customer notification with a tracking URL when you print a plain label.
  7. (Optional) Specify a custom message to write back when there's no tracking number. Enable this option and add a tracking number to the order. This tracking number will be written back in the eCommerce platform. Alternatively, you can add a default message in this field instead, e.g. Non-trackable.
  8. (Optional) Hide sender address.
  9. (Optional) Hide barcode.
  10. (Optional) Show receiver phone number (not available for 100x34 size as it's too small).
  11. Select paper size. The most common is 100x150 which is the same size as courier company labels. 
  12. Click Save.

2. Plain Label advanced settings

  • Use Reference field on label (as opposed to Order Number): If ticked, Reference shows. If unticked, Order Number shows.
  • Enable Postage Paid Stamp for Australia Post or Enable Postage Paid Priority Stamp for Australia Post: This will mean the Postage Paid or Postage Paid Priority imprint is automatically added to your plain labels.
  • Authority To Leave: Allow your parcel to be left somewhere safe, without a signature. 
  • Signature Required: A signature will be required upon delivery.  

3. Plain Label example

You are using a local courier which only provides prepaid satchels. Follow the steps to process orders using the plain label for this courier.

  1. Go to Settings Couriers.
  2. Click Add a new courier.
  3. Under Other, select Plain Label
  4. Rename the plain label with the name of your local courier.
  5. Add the tracking URL of the courier company. 
  6. Enter additional details. 
  7. Click Save.

4. Process your order using the Plain Label

  1. Select Plain Label, e.g. MyLocalCourier.
  2. Enter or scan the tracking number on the satchel in the Tracking field .
  3. Click Print Labels.


Starshipit will generate and send a plain label to your printer. Your customer will receive an email with all the information they need to track their parcel.

You can print a packing slip for plain label orders the same as you would with an integrated courier service.

5. Tracking pages & notifications for Plain Labels

  • To use customised tracking, we suggest you use the printed template for email or SMS.
  • The printing notification is the only notification you can send while using a Plain Label. Other notifications will not be triggered.
  • With each plain label you set up (you can set up to a maximum of 5), you can specify the tracking URL which will be combined with the tracking number when the order is processed.

Other relevant information for you:

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