• Optimise your order fulfillment process with Starshipit's Workflows. These powerful features allow you to quickly and accurately process orders, locate and edit them, and ensure that the correct items are packed and shipped.

How it works

Add these functions to your pick and pack workflow to save on clicks, get orders out the door quickly and improve your packing accuracy. 

Search for an order

Easily locate orders across your Starshipit account(s) by typing or scanning the order number or customer information.

  1. Select Search for an order.
  2. Enter the order number, customer name or email you are searching for.
  3. Click Search.

Select Include orders from child accounts from the workflow options if you would like the search to include results from your child accounts.

Scan and open

Efficiently manage and customize your orders with Scan and open. Simply enter or scan an order number to access the order details page. From there, you can edit the order as needed and print it. This feature also includes the ability to open already printed orders and update packages by scanning barcodes.

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Scan and print

Save time and streamline your order fulfillment process with Scan and Print. Simply enter or scan an order number and the system will automatically print the corresponding order. This feature also includes options to allow printing of orders from child accounts and reprints of previously printed orders.

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Packing validation

Ensure you're shipping the correct items with Packing Validation. This feature allows you to scan barcodes of the products in your order to validate they are correct. Use Scan barcodes to select packaging from the workflow options to easily select packages on the order details page with your scanner. For more information, check out our support guide.

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