Customise return email notifications


  • It's important to have an engaging and simplified process for returning products to ensure the best experience for your customers. Customised return email notifications will demystify the returns process for both you and your customer. 
  • You have the option to send emails regarding returns at seven different stages of order processing when using the Branded Returns Portal.
  • Use the email editor to create emails in-line with your brand and voice. 

Enable the emails that are right for you

Starshipit can manage an email template for each different delivery status and part of the returns process. 

  • Send Return Link
    Email used when sending customers a link to your returns portal
  • Return Pick Up Submitted
    Email triggered when a customer books a courier to pick up a package
  • Return Parcel Picked Up
    Email triggered when the carrier has scanned the package as picked up
  • Return Received
    Email triggered when the carrier marks the shipment as delivered
  • Return Drop Off Submitted
    Email triggered when a customer prints a label for dropping off to a post location
  • Received at Drop off LocationEmailed triggered when the courier scans the package as received at the drop off location
  • Send Return Label
    Email used when sending a customer a return label direct from the Starshipit app

For example, you can choose to send an email when you have received the return to keep your customer informed. 

  1. In Starshipit, navigate to Settings > Returns > Notifications.
  2. Enable the checkbox for the stages of delivery you want to notify a customer.

Edit the email template

  1. In Starshipit, navigate to SettingsCustomer Notifications/Tracking and notifications.
  2. Select an Email Template.
  3. From the editor, you can modify the email template as required.

Use the Starshipit variable

Use Starshipit variables to personalise your email and include information about the order. Starshipit variables can be included in the subject field and in an HTML tag (<a href=%TrackingURL%>Track %OurRef% Online</a>). They vary depending on which email template you are editing. 


  • Sender Name: Name of your customer returning the package
  • RMA or Return Reference: Sender's reference (e.g. return order number)
  • Original Their Ref: Receiver's reference (e.g. purchase order number)
  • Courier Name: The courier used to ship the parcel.
  • Tracking Number: Tracking number associated with the parcel
  • Tracking URL: Tracking URL associated with the parcel 
  • Company Name: Your company name
  • Telephone: Your contact number
  • Return Link: Link to your returns portal

Add an image in the email

  1. From the email editor, select Upload Image.
  2. Click Upload.
  3. Select an image from your computer.
  4. Click Upload from the dialogue box.
  5. Select the image on the middle part of the screen.
  6. Click Insert.

Receiving email notifications as the receiver

You may want to set your account so that you are notified at any of the above seven stages. For example, you may want to keep track of when returns have been lodged. Starshipit allows you to add an email as BCC. This means you will receive a copy of the email to your chosen address. 

  1. Go to Settings > Returns > Notifications.
  2. Select Email Template next to the email you would like a copy of.
  3. Enter the address you would like the return emails to go to in the BCC field.

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