How to remove & re-import orders

There are many reasons why you might need to remove and then re-import orders.

For example if you have created new business rules to help assign couriers, you may remove the orders from un-shipped and re-import them so that the rules will apply

Note: You cannot re-import orders that have been saved. Check for the saved order icon 2018-12-24_1132.png.

1. Remove imported unshipped orders

  • Go to the Orders section
  • Click Actions > Remove Imported Unshipped Orders. (for single order removal instead select the order, then select Actions > Remove (can be re-imported))
  • Confirm the action by selecting Remove.


2. Reimport your orders

  • Click Import and then one of the three options available: Import All, Import Option, Import CSV File For more information on importing orders check out our support document
  • Your orders will import with any changes made or actions applied by your rules


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