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  • Starshipit can apply business rules when you import your orders. A rule can include multiple conditions and one action, and an infinite number of rules can be created.
  • You can configure business logic using rules in Starshipit > Settings > Rules.
Two rules can share the same conditions (e.g. if the destination country is Australia, select Auspost and if the destination country is Australia, signature required = true) however if you have two rules that share the same action, the rule that was created first will be applied first.

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Possible conditions

  • All Orders
  • Destination Contact Name
  • Destination Country Name
  • Destination Country Code
  • Destination Post Code - AU
  • Destination Post Code - NZ
  • Destination Post Code
  • Destination State
  • Destination Suburb or City
  • Destination Street
  • Destination Building
  • Destination Company
  • Item Country of Manufacture
  • Item SKU
  • Item Quantity
  • Total Item Quantity
  • Integration
  • Order Number
  • Order Value
  • Order Weight
  • Integration
  • Shipping Method
  • Shipping Description
  • Store Identifier (Magento 1& 2). This should be the Store's ID 
  • Tags
  • PO Box & Parcel Locker Orders
  • Line Item Value
  • Currency

Possible actions

Assign Tags
Assign Tags to your orders
Assign To Another Account
Allows you to assign an order to a child account.
Create Return For Specified Courier
Creates a return for qualifying orders with the specified courier and service.
Create Return For Specified Courier & Contact
Creates a return for orders with the specified courier and service. Uses the specified Address Book contact as the return address.
Disable Courier Notification
Disables notifications from couriers (Note: Only works for Australia Post currently)
Do Not Ship
Marks items as already shipped (so they won't be shipped). Can also prevent orders with only qualifying items from importing.
Import Order
Allows you to specify if orders should import or not.
Open Order Dialog In Quick Print
Allows you to specify whether the Order Dialog should open or not, contrary to the selected 'Upon match' behaviour in Quick Print.
Select Cheapest Carrier/Service
See our guide create a rule based on cheapest delivery option for further information.
Select Cheapest carrier/service out of specific carriers
Allows you to choose the cheapest option between predefined carriers and services.
Send Notification
Allows you to specify whether or not to send Starshipit branded notifications if you have them setup.
Set Authority To Leave
Enable/Disable Authority to Leave on orders.
Set Contain Battery
Enable/Disable the Dangerous Goods flag on orders.
Set Country of Manufacture
Allow you to specify the country of manufacture for items/SKUs. See release notes for further information.
Set Courier & Product Code
Set the courier and product code on orders.
Set Courier When No Fastway Services
When Fastway doesn't service the address for an order, assign the specified courier.
Set Create Return
Enable/Disable creating return labels to be provided alongside outbound labels.
Set GST paid per item
Applicable for shipments to Singapore.
Set HS Code
Allow you to specify HS Code for items/SKUs. See release notes for further information.
Set Incotem
Applicable for DHL Express. Specify your Incoterm for your shipments.
Set Insurance Required
Enable/Disable Insurance on orders.
Set Invoice Declaration Text
Set the text to be displayed by item for DHL Express commercial invoices. See release notes for further information.
Set Next Day
Applicable for Evri shipments only. Specify shipment to be delivered Next Day.
Set Order Currency Code
Set the currency code of an order Please note that this does not act as a currency converter.
Set Order Value
Set order value to the specified value. Line items will automatically be adjusted to match-up with the total order value when you print a label.
Set Package Type
Assign your packages to your orders automatically
Set Reason for Export
Applicable for DHL Express only, specify what export type should be use for your orders
Set Safe Drop
Enable/Disable Safe Drop on orders. See delivery options for Australia Post orders for further information.
Set Sender Pays Duty
Enable/Disable duties and taxes to be paid by sender, on orders.
Set Shipper Tax Number
Sets the Tax Number (IOSS number) to be used for the order. See Set up Shipper Tax Numbers for further information.
Set Signature Required
Enable/Disable Signature Required on orders.
Split Packages By Order Item Quantity
See our guide split packages by item quantities for further information.
Split Packages By Order Weight
See our guide split packages by order weight. for further information.
To set up multi-condition rules, please refer to this article.

How to test and run rules manually

Rules will normally run upon import however you can trigger rules manually to apply to orders currently in the New section.

After setting up your business rules, navigate to Settings > Rules > Run rules now.

Your rules including any new rules will be applied to all your New orders. From here, you can check if the rules had the expected effect on your New orders.

Examples of rules

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