Set account to metric or imperial measurements


  • This article will show you how to set your Starshipit account to import and display weights and measurements in metric (eg. kilogram, centimetre) or imperial (eg. pound, inch) units.

How it works

When you set up your Starshipit account, the Options section lets you specify details about what you are shipping in order to automatically create the necessary documentation, or pre-populate some of the necessary fields.

Depending on the field, you can choose from kilogram, gram, pound, ounce, centimetre or inch.

You can also choose to import weights in one unit of measurement and display them in another if desired.

Specify your options

  1. In Starshipit, navigate to Settings > Options.
  2. Enter the weights and measures settings you wish to use, for each action.
    • Import Weight Unit: Select kilogram, gram or pound.
    • Rates at Checkout Weight Unit: Select kilogram, gram or pound.
    • Display Weight Unit: Select kilogram, gram, pound or ounce.
    • Display Sizes Unit: Select centimetre or inch.
  3. Click Save.

What's next?

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