Download TeamViewer


  • Download TeamViewer to give the Starshipit support team remote access to your computer and quickly troubleshoot issues.
  • This means that if you call Starshipit with any problems, our support team can access your computer remotely and look at the problem as if we were right there beside you.

How it works

TeamViewer is the world's number one software used for Internet-based remote access and support. 

In some cases, our support team may need remote access to your computer so that we can troubleshoot and resolve your issue quickly. Our support agent can communicate to you via the TeamViewer chat function.

TeamViewer is very safe and does not pose any danger to your computer. For more information, see TeamViewer's Security Statement.

Download TeamViewer

To give us remote access to your computer, download TeamViewer. To connect to your computer, you'll need to send us your TeamViewer ID and Password. You can find this in TeamViewer:


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