Validating shipping addresses


  • Starshipit lets retailers automatically correct invalid addresses, so even if a customer has input the wrong details, the order can be delivered to the right place.
  • Invalid addresses are highlighted in the new orders screen by a red cross. There are several ways to correct invalid addresses; see how in the following tutorial.
  • This page contains instructions for both UI 2.0 and the Classic UI.

Address validation (UI 2.0)

Option 1: Bulk Auto-correct addresses

From the orders screen, click check addresses to filter the invalid orders.

Once you see a list of the invalid orders, select the orders you want to correct, and click update.

Option 2: Auto-correct individual addresses

To auto correct an individual address, start by going to the orders screen. Click the edit icon next to an order with an incorrect address in the ‘Customer’ column.

From the Receiver address pop up, you’ll see the incorrect address displayed with original incorrect address on the left, and the suggested correct address on the right. Simply click ‘Apply suggestions’ to update the address.

Option 3: Manually edit an address

To manually edit addresses, simply go to the orders screen, then identify the invalid address by the red exclamation mark symbol next to the customers name.

Click the order number. Then click the pencil icon to manually edit the address. Click check address to validate it. Click confirm to save your changes. Then click save again.

Visit our knowledge base for more helpful tips and tutorials.

Address validation (Classic UI)

Option 1: Auto-correct

  1. Select the Invalid only switch on the top left of the Starshipit app, then click the auto correct button in the top right.
  2. Each address that has an issue will be automatically checked, and if a solution is found it will be displayed with the modified address highlighted in red.
  3. Ensure you check each change before saving the changes, using the Save button at the top of the app.

Option 2: Screen inline editing troubleshooting

  1. For any addresses that cannot be auto-corrected, edit the address directly from the invalid only screen (note: inline address editing will not work in the new orders screen).
  2. Click on the field that you wish to edit, then edit. Once complete, save your changes using the Save button at the top.
  3. Note: To inadvertently change state or suburb, it is important that you check the suggested corrections and don't just automatically select them.

Option 3: Edit address in the shipping dialog

  1. The shipping dialog can be displayed at any time by clicking the order number or the name. In the shipping dialog there are several tools to fix any remaining issues:
    1. The address auto-complete lookup
    2. Suburb lookup
    3. Link to Google Maps
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