Setting up your default options


This article outlines how to set up default options, including default weight unit, currency, timezone, item details and city of manufacture. 

Set up default options

  • In Starshipit, navigate to Settings > Options.
You have the option to set your importing weight to kgs, grams or lbs depending on what default weights you are importing.
Display Weight Unit
Set the unit used to display weights in the system.
Display Sizes Unit
Set the size unit of L x W x H displayed in the system.
Set this to your main currency.
Display Time Zone
Set this to your time zone.
Default Item Description
Set a generic description for the products you are shipping when setting your package description. This description may be used for customs clearance.
Default Item Weight (kg)
Set a default item weight when creating a manual shipment.
Default Item Price
Set a default item price when creating a manual shipment.
HS code
The HS code is a standardised number to designate the materials your goods are made from. Use this field to set a default for every order.
Country of Manufacture
Enter in a default country of manufacture. This can be changed individually in each order.

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