How to set up Locate2u


  • Our integration with Locate2u enables you to send your own delivery shipments to Locate2u, allowing you to allocate them to drivers and optimise the best delivery routes through the Locate2u platform.
  • This article provides a guide on how to integrate Starshipit with Locate2u.

This feature is only available on request! Please reach out to our friendly support team to get access.

Before you begin

Before setting up Locate2u, you will need your Locate2u client credentials which you can find in this guide.

Set up Locate2u in Starshipit

  1. Navigate to Settings > Couriers.
  2. Find the Plain Label option that you'd like to enable Locate2u for and click Settings.
  3. Scroll down to the Locate2u section.
  4. Enter your Locate2u Client ID and Client Secret.
  5. Click Save.


When does Starshipit send delivery updates to Locate2u? 

Starshipit sends delivery details (stops) when the label is printed.

I have multiple vehicles which I have set up as separate plain labels. Can I connect both of these with Locate2u? 

Yes, you can send deliveries from both plain labels to Locate2u. If you have one Locate2u account for both, you'll add the same client credentials to both plain label settings. If you have separate Locate2u accounts, you'll add the appropriate credentials to the respective plain label settings.

If connected with Locate2u, which tracking details will my customers receive? 

When Locate2u is enabled, your customers will receive tracking details from Locate2u.

What delivery events trigger notifications? 

We trigger customer notifications for the following statuses:

  • Printed
  • In Transit
  • Out for Delivery
  • Delivered

When we enable Locate2u, do we need to update any current settings, such as the tracking URL? 

No, there is no need to update your current settings. The system will automatically handle this. You can leave your settings as they are.

Can we book return shipments with Locate2u? 

Currently, this is not supported for return shipments of outbound orders. If you need this feature, please reach out to us via Canny or contact our support team.

Do you send delivery instructions (such as Signature Required and ATL) to Locate2u? 

No, we only create stops in Locate2u. Any delivery instructions need to be included on the label or via the Locate2u platform.

What happens if you're unable to create stops in Locate2u? 

If there is an error while creating a stop in Locate2u, an error message will be displayed and the label will not be printed.

Can we create stops for future dates? 

No, this is not currently supported. We send the print date (AU time) as the TripDate.

Our vehicles have a maximum capacity. How will we know when we have reached the capacity for the vehicle? 

Currently, we don’t receive any information regarding maximum capacity back from Locate2u. This needs to be managed through the Locate2u platform.

There will be occasions when we can’t fulfill a delivery through our own network. When this happens, we want to reallocate it back to a standard carrier. Should we just redo the order with the new carrier? 

Yes, this is possible but not recommended. This is because when the original order is printed, the customer receives a notification with Locate2u tracking details. Redoing the shipment with an alternative carrier may cause confusion for your customer. We recommend allocating deliveries to your own network only when you are certain you can fulfil them through your delivery network.

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