How to setup product dimensions in Magento2


  • You can add product dimensions to Magento2, which Starshipit then reads on import and uses for rates at checkout.
  • Magento2 uses an attribute system to manage the information associated with products (like size, colour and more).
  • To use dimensions in Starshipit you’ll need to create custom attributes in your Magento2 settings.

How it works

To start, you will need to create the following custom attributes in Magento2:

  • Length
  • Height
  • Width

Note: Ensure you follow the exact spelling. Capitalisation (Length vs length) doesn’t matter.

  1. Add a custom attribute in Magento2
  • Go to the Admin Panel
  • Click Stores
  • Click Attributes
  • Click Product
  • Click Add Attribute
  • Click Create New Attribute
  • Set the name of the attribute in the field Attribute Labelas Length.
  • Leave the Catalog input Type as "Text Field".
  • You don't need to change the Required toggle.
  • Click Save Attribute

Repeat the above steps to create attributes for Height and Width.


  • All custom attributes created for one product will be created for all products as empty fields. If the fields are empty or if you set a non-numeric character in the dimension, then it will assume zero when getting rates.
  • Once the attributes are created, it will start working next time a customer adds this product to their shopping cart.
  • If your dimensions aren’t pulling through, change the attribute code to all lower case.
  • When importing orders from Magento2, the dimensions come through to Starshipit in meters (m).
  • When you open an order, you’ll see the imported dimension converted according to the Display Sizes Unit you’ve set in Settings > Options.


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