Squarespace eCommerce Integration


  • Integrate Starshipit with Squarespace eCommerce so you can import Squarespace orders
  • Starshipit will write-back tracking information when you print a label or manifest an order based on your account settings
  • You can integrate as many Squarespace stores into your Starshipit account as you like


Integrate Starshipit with Squarespace

  • In your Starshipit account, go to Settings > select Integrations
  • Click Add a new integration > select Squarespace from the list
  • Tick Enable
  • Enter your Store Url
  • Enter your Store Name
  • Enter your Squarespace API key. You can find this by following these steps in Squarespace
  • Select your Order status to import
  • Click Save

Once saved, click Test to ensure it works to confirm your integration is set up correctly.


What's Next?

Now that the integration in complete, you can import and dispatch Squarespace orders from Starshipit.

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