How to integrate with Brightpearl


  • Integrate Starshipit with Brightpearl, so you can import Brightpearl orders. 
  • Starshipit will write-back tracking information when you print a label.

1. Set up web service access in Brightpearl

  1. Log into your Brightpearl account. 
  2. Go to App Store > Private Apps > Add private app.
  3. Under What type of App are you creating?, select System app.
  4. Enter a Name and Identifier of your choice.
  5. Click Install.

2. Add Brightpearl as an integration in Starshipit

  1. In your Starshipit account, go to Settings, then select Integrations.
  2. Click Add a new integration, and select Brightpearl from the list.
  3. Select the Enable Brightpearl checkbox.
  4. Select the server of your store. If you don't know the server, check your Brightpearl website URL.
  5. Enter the Account ID that you use to log in to Brightpearl.
  6. Copy and paste the Reference and Token from App Store > Private Apps in Brightpearl.
  7. Click Save.

3. Specify status to import

You can specify the status of the order to be imported e.g Processing, simply select an option from the drop-down list to change the status.

Alternatively, if you have set up your own workflow and statuses in Brightpearl simply write in your custom status (e.g. 'ready to ship' ) in the status to import field. You can add multiple statuses to import by separating them with a semicolon.

To find a list of the different status names in your Brightpearl account goes to Settings > Sales > Sales Statuses. You can also add a new status on this page.

4. Specify status to update

You can also enter the order status that you want your Brightpearl orders to be updated to when write-back occurs from Starshipit. The default status is Completed, simply select an option from the drop-down list to change the status. Only one status can be specified for updating orders.

5. (Optional) Import and writeback to Goods Out Notes

  1. In your Starshipit account, go to Settings > Integrations.
  2. Select Settings, next to Brightpearl.
  3. Tick Import and writeback to Goods Out Notes.
  4. Click Save.

When enabled, Goods Out Notes will be imported allowing you to bring in multiple fulfilments for multi-warehouse and partial shipping.

This useful if an order has items which are out-of-stock or on pre-order, as then that order may have multiple GONs to allow the order to be split fulfilled.

Starshipit will also update each GON individually with the tracking number(s) instead of the overarching sales order, when fulfilling the GON. The updated GONs will be set as Shipped, which also sets the GON as Picked and Packed if not already completed.

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