DEAR Integration

Dear Integration


  • The steps below will guide you through integrating your Dear platform to Starshipit.  Once completed, your orders will be imported into Starshipit and the tracking information will be written back when you print a label.
  • Dear has also released an integration with Starshipit, this integration will allow you to print labels from the DEAR platform. For information on that, see their support guide.  

What you need to get started:

Before getting started with Dear you will need a few things. 

  • Your Dear Account Id
  • Your Dear API Key

If you do not have the above fields, follow the below steps:

  1. Log into DEAR Inventory System
  2. Go to Integration > DEAR API

  3. Create a new API application
  4. Save the new API application and note down the Account ID and the Key 

How to set up Dear:

To enable Dear on your account:

  1. Go to Starshipit > Settings > Integrations > Add a new integration > Dear
  2. Recommended: Select Version 2 for the API version. 
  3. Enter in the Account ID and Key from Dear
  4. Click Save


Starshipit will update your orders with carrier and tracking information when shipped. By default, Stashipit will use "DEFAULT Carrier" when updating your orders in the DEAR Inventory System.

If you wish to have your DEAR orders to be updated with the specific carrier name then you will need to set up Carrier Mappings in Starshipit. 

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Dear > Courier Mappings 
  2. Click Add a new mapping
  3. From the courier drop down, select one of your enabled couriers
  4. In the courier name to use textbox, enter in the courier name you have defined in Dear 
  5. When done, click the tick icon 

When writeback is attempted for the courier specified, we will send back the courier name you have defined in this field

Additional Configuration

Status to import
Use this option to specify what status orders should be in to import into Starshipit. You can specify multiple by separating each status with a semi colon. For example: Ordering;Picked
Advanced Sales
If you are using Dear's Advanced Sales - Multiple Fulfillments you can configure your Starshipit integration to import each fulfilment and a single order, instead of importing the overall sales orders.

To do this, you will need to be on Dear Version 2 and select "Import Sale Fulfillments instead of Sales". This means you will have multiple starshipit orders for the one order in Dear allowing you to ship them separately with ease. 
Import Memo/Order Notes
By default Starshipit does not import memo's from Dear. If you would like these to import into the delivery instructions field, select the option you would like from the memo drop down. Alternatively you can import the order notes by selecting Import order note into delivery instructions
API Limits
Dear has an API limit of 60 calls per 60 seconds. This can occasionally mean that the writeback to Dear will fail, or that the import will fail. These both will retry again should they fail. 


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