MYOB AccountRight (Cloud) Integration


  • The articles outlines how to integrate your MYOB AccountRight platform with Starshipit.  Once completed your orders will be imported into Starshipit.
  • If you choose to import only sales orders, Starshipit can generate the invoice in MYOB and include the tracking details.


  • Inventory Locations are not supported with the Starshipit and MYOB AccountRight integration. 
  • Only a MYOB Cloud account can be integrated to Starshipit.

Integrate your MYOB account to Starshipit

  1. In Starshipit, navigate to Settings > Integrations >Add a new integration.
  2. In the Other Platforms section, select MYOB.
  3. Tick Enable MYOB.
  4. Click on Authorize button which will lead you to the MYOB login page.
  5. Log in to MYOB.
  6. Select the Company File Name that you would like to integrate with.
  7. Enter the Company File Username and Password
    (List of users can be found via AccountRight > Setup > User Access)
  8. Copy and paste the UserId and password values in the Starshipit page.
  9. If you need to import orders with certain 'ship via' attribute(s), those can be added in the Ship Via field. If you need to import more than one shipping method, those can be separated by semi-colon (e.g. Air; DHL).
  10. Tick Import Orders/Invoices and set their status to Open/Close/Both.
  11. The username and password in this page are the credentials required by users to log in to the following page of MYOB application:
  12. Click on Save.


To integrate MYOB with Starshipit you need to be set up as an 'offline user', when creating a user in MYOB untick the checkbox 'online user', this will allow you to create a password for the user which can then be entered into the MYOB settings page in your Starshipit account

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