CSV file integration


  • If your eCommerce platform is not on the list of supported platforms you can extract your orders from a CSV file and import it into Starshipit.
  • Learn how to map your CVS file, so your orders can be imported into Starshipit.
  • You can use our default CSV file, or customise your own CSV file.

Set up your CSV import

CSV file requirements:

  • You must add one piece of data per column.
  • You must add one item per line (if there are two items in one order, add two lines with the same order number).
  • Each order number must be unique.

In Settings CSV File Setup you have the following import options:

  1. Use the Starshipit preformatted template
    Download the Starshipit CSV template containing default field mappings.
  2. Use the WIX CSV template
    If you are using Wix you can extract your orders from WIX and import them in Starshipit using CSV. To map your spreadsheet data to our column headers, you need to select rows from the 'Available Column' section and drag and drop them into the 'CSV File Columns' section. You can't delete the required columns in the right-hand side section however, you can reorder them to based on your business needs.


If your CSV file has additional columns, add a blank row in the order they appear so it doesn't break the import. Ensure you have valid addresses for all your orders.
  1. Map your own customised CSV
    You can use your own CSV and map the column in Starshipit. The mapping interface has two columns. The column on the left represents all available fields available, and the column on the right represents your CSV file.


You'll need to drag and drop the labels, so the label on top will be the first column of your CSV file. The second label will be the second column of your CSV file. Make sure that you save your changes.

Import using a CSV file

  1. In the Orders screen, click Import, then select Upload CSV File.
  2. Select a CSV file from your computer, then click Import CSV
  3. Click Close, when the import is complete.


Are all of the columns required?


If there are multiple items in an order, what is the 'item name'?

Create a different line for each item with the same Order Number.

What units are expected in the weight field?

Kgs (Kilograms).

Can you please supply a valid list of values for the shipping method field?

You can add anything you want in the shipping method field. You can define which shipping method matches with which courier product code in Settings > Rules.

How do I specify multiple packages for the same order?

Create a different line for each package dimensions with the same Order Number.

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