Shopify Integration


  • Integrate Starshipit with Shopify so you can import Shopify orders.
  • Starshipit will write-back tracking information when you print a label or manifest an order based on your account settings.
  • You can integrate as many Shopify stores into your Starshipit account as you like.

Looking for how to do this with UI 2.0? Watch the video here.

1. Integrate Starshipit with Shopify

  • In your Starshipit account, go to Settings then select Integrations.
  • Click Add a new integration, then select Shopify from the list.
  • Enter your store name (Your store name is located within the URL for your Shopify account when you are logged into Shopify-- after the https:// and before .myshopify. For example, if your URL is, then the store name is amazing-clothing), and click 'Authorize'. This will redirect you to your Shopify website to authorise the integration.
  • Once the integration has been Authorized select your preferred Status to import.
  • Test the connection and make sure it is successful, then click Save

What's Next?

Now that the integration in complete, you can add the import Authority to Leave option in Starshipit, or set up live rates at checkout with Shopify.

Shopify FAQs

Shopify product bundles

Sometimes, bundled products can import into Starshipit with double the shipping weight, as Starshipit recognises the bundle product as well as the individual products that make up the bundle. This is because by default, Starshipit imports any line item that has a fulfillable quantity and has been set in Shopify as “Requires Shipping”.

How to resolve this: Depending on how you’ve set up bundles in Shopify, you may need to set the main line item as “Requires Shipping” > False. This way, the individual line items associated with the bundle will still import without the main bundle line item.

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