Starshipit API Overview


  • Starshipit integrates with the world’s leading eCommerce and online platforms. Our app enables you to seamlessly integrate your online store with your couriers.
  • But sometimes our integrations don’t work for some larger or enterprise retailers. This might be because Starshipit doesn’t integrate with the online platforms you use, or because you’ve built a custom website. If you want to integrate with your couriers directly, you will have to build your own API integrations: one each for each of the couriers you want to integrate with.
  • Starshipit has already done the hard work of integrating with your couriers for you. Use the Starshipit API to build your own integration with your eCommerce and online platforms. Then you will have access to our full arsenal of features including a powerful rules engine and integrations with the world's leading domestic and international couriers.

Benefits of integrating with the Starshipit API

  • Using the Starshipit API means that you only need to build one API integration (the one between your platform and Starshipit). If you wanted to integrate directly with your couriers but didn’t connect with Starshipit, you would have to build one API for each courier.
  • Using our API saves large retailers and enterprise companies loads of time and money, because we have already done the hard work integrating with the couriers for you. All you need to do is integrate with us.
  • Because you are integrating with just one API, instead of building out multiple integrations of your own, you can easily add additional couriers to your logistics processes. Using our API gives you immediate access to all our couriers (you just need to have an active account with them).
  • By integrating with our API, you gain access to our full arsenal of features, including:
    • An intuitive user interface that you can access anywhere in the world, which clearly shows you which orders are ready to ship and which have shipped, and enables easy orders, generating reports, tracking status updates, and creating returns
    • Label printing, packing slips and customs documentation
    • Branded email and SMS notifications, and branded tracking pages
    • A powerful rules engine that you can use to fully automate your dispatch processes, and amend at any time to change how your orders are sent out
  • We generate labels locally for the below couriers so if their APIs go down you can continue printing labels:
    • CourierPost
    • NZ Post (supported for some services)
    • Australia Post eParcel(supported for domestic shipments)
    • StarTrack
    • CouriersPlease (supported for outbound shipments)
    • Team Global Express Priority (Toll)
    • Team Global Express IPEC (Toll)
    • Pickup In Store
    • Plain Label
    • Zoom2u (we call the Zoom2u API to book the pickup when generating labels)
  • We are fully integrated with DHL Express’ Paperless Trade system, which lets you save money by not having to use so much paper and commit additional handling time with customs documentation.
  • Retailers who use the Starshipit API can manage 20 requests per second with no daily limit.
  • Retailers who integrate with Starshipit can use our other integrations as well, e.g. you could connect some orders into Starshipit via the API, and others through other channels like Shopify, Magento, and Zapier.
  • Our dedicated customer support team is available via phone and email. Our Customer Success team is also available at any time to help you onboard and optimise your Starshipit experience. Both services are free.
  • You will have access to any new features, platforms and couriers as we add them to our services.
  • We are very stable during peak periods and on average we process over half a million labels every day.
  • Starshipit is hosted on Microsoft Azure which grants us limitless scalability when extra performance is required during busy periods.
  • Starshipit is not an aggregator, we are an enabler. This means that you maintain control over your relationship with your couriers and the rates you have negotiated with them. We do not charge an order processing fee per label, just your monthly base fee.

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