Allocate an order to a child account


  • This article explains how you can allocate an order to a child account when it is imported into Starshipit.
  • For example, you might own multiple stores in the same country and you want every store to manage their own shipping to reduce the cost. You can set up a rule that will allocate an order to the correct store (child account) according to the location.
  • You can manually allocate an order to a child account, or you set set up a rule to do so. 

1. Manually allocate an order to a child account

  1. Go to your Orders page.
  2. Right-click the order(s) you want to reassign, then click Assign to another account.
  3. Select the child account from the list.
    • NB: This will only be possible if you have set up a child account.
    • NB: You can reassign orders back to your parent account from the child account using the manual method, but you can't reassign orders from one child account to another.
    • NB: This can only be done with orders in the New tab.

2. Create a rule to allocate an order to a child account

  1. Go to Settings > Rules > Add a new rule.
  2. Select Destination postcode.
  3. Enter your list of postcodes.
  4. Select Assign to Another Account.
  5. Select the account name.


What's Next?  

Override and access child accounts from either the child account or its parent account.

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