Rules based on shipping method


  • You can create rules in Starshipit based on the shipping method and shipping description your customer has selected during checkout.
  • Starshipit can use this information to allocate a specific courier and product code.
  • For example, if your customer selects StarTrack Express, their shipping method might be "StarTrack_Exp". You can set up a rule to automatically assign this order to StarTrack, for example: if Shipping Method = StarTrack_Exp, set up StarTrack as the courier and the product code as EXP (express)

How to set up a rule based on shipping method

1. Find the shipping method for a particular order

  • Open an order from the New section.
  • On every order, in the right-hand top corner the Shipping Method is displayed; the second field is the Shipping Description. Both can be used when setting up rules.


2. Set up the rule

  • Go to Settings > Rules.
  • Click Add a new rule.
  • Under Conditions select Shipping Method.
  • Copy and past the shipping method from Step 1.
  • Under Actions select Set Courier & Product Code.
  • Select the courier and and product code to be used in the rule. e.g. Australia Post 7H05


What's next?

Find out more about setting up rules in Starshipit.

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