Packing Validation

Packing Validation is currently in beta and may undergo changes before its official release. Please leave feedback using our product feedback board here.


  • You can quickly scan product barcodes and we'll check the product belongs in the order, which helps to reduce errors and improve customer satisfaction.
  • By reducing packing errors you'll save money by not sending out incorrect orders, reduce your customer service enquiries, cut down on returns and create happier customers.

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How it works

  1. Log in to your Starshipit account. Make sure you're using UI 2.0.
  2. From the dashboard, navigate to the Workflows section on the left.
  3. Select the Packing Validation option from the list of options.
  4. Enter or scan the order number.
  5. Click Search.
  6. The packing validation screen will open displaying the list of products in the order.
  7. Scan the barcode or enter the SKU of the picked product/item. If the scanned barcode matches an item in the order, we'll mark that product as packed.
  8. If you enter an item that is not in the order, you will be presented with an error on the screen. 
  9.  Repeat step 8 for each item until all items have been packed.
  10.  The Complete Packing button will be enabled once you've scanned every product in the order to ensure you haven't missed anything.
  11.  Click Complete Packing. This will redirect you to the order details page.
  12.  Confirm the package and carrier/service selection.
  13.  Click Print to complete the packing validation for the ordered items.


Is it possible to verify without SKU & barcode?

Yes, it is possible to verify items without SKU and barcode. You can either increase the quantity manually or use the Mark as Packed button to mark all ordered quantities as packed.

I don't have barcodes in Starshipit but I still would like to use validate my packing

Not every platform allows you to specify the barcode of your product. You can use the Starshipit product catalogue to upload all your barcodes so you can validate your packing even easier. For more information read our support guide. 

How do I know when the wrong item has been scanned?

If the wrong item has been scanned, an error message will be displayed to the packer. The error message will indicate that the scanned barcode does not match the product's barcode. You can then take corrective action to ensure that the correct item is scanned and packed.


How do I know if packing validation has been completed (or not) for an order?

You can determine whether the packing validation has been completed for an order by checking the new packing status that has been added to the header section of the order details page.


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