How does the feature request board work?

What is

Starshipit uses a platform called that allows customers to submit their feedback, feature requests, and suggestions for our Starshipit app.

When a customer submits a feature request or suggestion on our board, it becomes visible for others to see and vote on. More votes increase an idea's visibility, helping our product development team gauge customer interest and prioritise accordingly. While the number of votes is an important factor, our team also considers technical feasibility, alignment with our strategy and roadmap, the scope of the work, and its potential impact. This approach ensures we balance popular requests with our strategic objectives and available resources.

Additionally, allows for communication and collaboration between the product development team and customers. The team can provide updates on the status of feature requests, gather more feedback, and engage with customers to ensure their needs are met.


How do I log a request?

Before logging a request, we recommend searching our open feature requests to see if someone has already asked for it. You can do this by going to our feature request board here and using the search bar.

If you can't find anything similar, you can log a new request. Choose the board that most matches what you are after and write your request. Ideally, include as much detail as you can about why this is important to you.

What does voting on a feature request do?

It indicates that you’re interested in this feature and subscribes you to updates. If our product team requires more context they may reach out to you, otherwise, you'll be automatically emailed when the feature goes live.

What do the statuses mean?

The most common statuses you will see are:

  • Planned
    Our product team is investigating this further. They may ask for more feedback before work begins.
  • In Progress
    The team is actively working on a solution.
  • Complete
    The feature is now available in the app. You’ll see either a link to the changelog post with related steps or a note from our team providing more information.
  • Closed
    This status indicates that this feature will not be looked at, likely because it is already supported in some other form. Our product team will leave a note explaining why it was closed.

Can I subscribe to all changes?

Yes, you can follow our changelog here. You can subscribe to our changelog by clicking Subscribe to ensure you're always up-to-date on the latest changes.

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