How to ship from store using Shopify and Starshipit

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  • In this guide, you'll learn about using Shopify to ship from store with Starshipit.
  • You can read our ship from store guide here.

How it works

Setting up a ship from store workflow with Starshipit and Shopify is simple and requires that you set up fulfilment locations and order routing in Shopify and the associated child accounts in Starshipit.

Set up fulfilment locations in Shopify

To start, set up your fulfilment locations in Shopify, one for each store location you want to be able to fulfil online orders from.

You can read the Shopify guide here.

A location in Shopify is any physical place or an app where you do any or all of the following activities:
  • Sell products
  • Ship or fulfill orders
  • Stock inventory

Set up order routing rules in Shopify

Order routing automatically routes orders to fulfilment locations based on a set of routing rules. You can use the default settings in Shopify or adjust your order routing based on your requirements.

You can access order routing in Shopify after you set up two or more active locations. Order routing uses rules to determine the locations to use to fulfil each item in a customer’s order. By adjusting rules, you can determine how locations are prioritized.

You can read the Shopify guide here.

Set up child accounts in Starshipit

Child accounts are attached to your parent Starshipit account. Your child account generally has different settings from your parent Starshipit account e.g. different couriers, integrations, pickup addresses and more.

  1. Set up the same locations you’ve created in Shopify as Multi-Location child accounts in Starshipit.
  2. Integrate your Shopify account to each Starshipit child account (using the Shopify Enhanced integration in Starshipit).
    1. In the integration settings, select which fulfilment locations in Shopify you would like to import into this account.
    2. Do this for each child account, matching the correct fulfilment location to the appropriate child account.

You can read more about child accounts here.

Ship from store workflow

Now, orders will automatically be assigned to locations in Shopify and will come through to the correct Starshipit child account to be fulfilled from.

Your store staff can access their appropriate Starshipit child account directly to pick, pack and print labels. Or, you can use our open API to print labels via Starshipit using your point of sale (POS) system.

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