How to use your own fleet or drivers with Starshipit

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  • Starshipit supports using your own fleets or drivers alongside your other carriers (like Australia Post and Sendle).
  • Starshipit customers can generate labels, track and manage orders throughout the delivery process, and analyse how these services perform.
  • This functionality is enabled through the use of the plain labels feature and a third-party app called Orca Scan.

Plain labels and Orca Scan

  • Plain labels enable you to set up your own fleets and contracted drivers directly within Starshipit, and then manage them alongside your other carriers.
  • Our integration with Orca Scan enables drivers to scan the barcodes on shipping labels using a smartphone. Then, Orca Scan will send the tracking update to Starshipit.

How it works

Plain labels in Starshipit offer an easy solution for handling orders sent via your own fleets, or for users without a courier service account. Plain labels enable you to set up your own fleets and contracted drivers directly within Starshipit, and then manage them alongside your other carriers.

Unlike labels that may have essential shipping information printed on them (typically supplied by a carrier), plain labels are completely empty, providing a blank canvas for you to add your own information.

With plain labels, you have access to many of the same fields that an integrated carrier might have – and you can tailor them to your exact needs. Here are a few examples of the fields:

  • Product Name (The name you have defined for the carrier)
  • Sender address
  • Destination address
  • Order number
  • Reference Number
  • Weight: Total weight of the package
  • SKUs: A list of the SKUs on the shipment 
  • Delivery Instructions
  • Barcode

Read our support guide here to see the full list of customisable fields and to learn how to set up plain labels in Starshipit.

Using Orca Scan with Starshipit

Orca Scan enables users to quickly scan barcodes (like shipping labels) using a smartphone, capturing and exporting data to various formats for easy analysis. You can set up Orca Scan to work with Starshipit.

When using your own fleets (with plain labels), drivers can use Orca Scan to update the delivery status of the orders they’re delivering. For example, when they deliver a package, they can scan the barcode on the shipping label using Orca Scan, which then updates the status in Starshipit.

This will trigger the same email notifications in Starshipit as if you were using another carrier. It will also add the same delivery time stamps to your reports, so you can track the performance of your own fleets.

Typical workflow using plain labels and Orca Scan with Starshipit

  1. Set up plain labels in Starshipit.
  2. Set up Orca Scan and create a sheet.
  3. Link Orca Scan and Starshipit.
  4. Print a plain label from Starshipit.
  5. Delivery driver opens the Orca Scan app on a mobile device, scans the barcode and updates the status.
  6. Status is automatically updated in Starshipit.

How to get started

Getting started using your own fleets and drivers is as easy as setting up a plain label and the Orca Scan app. Read our comprehensive step-by-step guide here:

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