Australia Post & eParcel FAQs

Australia Post is no longer showing up in my shipping options
  • Make sure that Australia Post is enabled as a carrier in your account settings.
  • Ensure that the account details you've entered for Australia Post in Starshipit are correct. This includes your account number, API key, and any other necessary information.
  • Make sure that your shipping rules do not exclude Australia Post for the products or destinations involved in the orders you're processing.
  • Ensure that the weight and dimensions of your products are within the limits accepted by Australia Post.
Australia Post has updated my rates, do I need to do anything in Starshipit?

Yes, when Australia Post updates your rates, there are a few steps you need to take in Starshipit to ensure the changes are reflected correctly. Follow this article for more details.

Can I print international labels on a thermal label printer?

Yes, follow the instructions in this guide.

Why are some of my international labels printed out differently?

CN22 have specific requirements to print A6 labels. You must meet the following criteria to enable an A6 (CN22) label, otherwise the system will default to the A5 (CN23) label:

  • Parcel dimensions are less than or equal to 90 cm (L + W + D combined)
  • The greatest parcel dimension is less than or equal to 60 cm
  • Total consignment value is less than or equal to $500 AUD
  • Parcel weight is less than or equal to 2 kg
  • Parcel delivers to a country that permits the CN22 A6 label (refer to the table below)
Safe Drop is being pre-selected on Australia Post shipments but it should not be

The reason 'Safe Drop' was pre-selected on the shipments might be due to your account being set to 'Safe Drop' in the Australia Post portal at the account level. You can create a rule to ensure that all orders are set to 'Safe Drop = False' by default.

When generating an Australia Post label, if the receiver email field is empty do we override this and populate it with the user email? or do we leave it blank?

When the receiver's email field is empty, we populate the field with sender's email address.

Can I use express returns with Australia Post and what is the service code?

Yes, you can use Express Returns however, by default the standard return service is used. You can use Express returns in your rules. Use the service 'PR' for standard returns and 'XPR' for express returns.

When does the return label within an outgoing order get manifested with Australia Post?

Both outgoing and return shipments will be manifested at the same time unless they create a separate return order, then they can manifest at different time.

Can I use a Parcel Send account with Starshipit?
Parcel Send uses the same API as eParcel which means you can use the same set up steps as Australia Post.
Does Starshipit support including Fuel Surcharges for Australia Post eParcel rates?

Yes, you can see fuel surcharges on Australia Post rates. To enable this:

  • Navigate to Settings > Couriers > Australia Post Settings > Advanced.
  • Tick Include Surcharges with Rates.
  • Click Save.
Can I book a pickup with eParcel?

No, you cannot currently book a pickup with eParcel in Starshipit.

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