Printing FAQs

Bulk printing in Starshipit

Bulk print orders from the Orders screen by selecting multiple orders and clicking the Print shipping label button. You can only bulk print orders that use the same courier service, even though they may not have the same product code.

Once you have selected the orders, click Print in the Orders screen. The same method can be used for manifesting.

If I have multiple child accounts with different DHL Express accounts and I print using the Quick Print 'include orders from child accounts' does the shipment request use the child account courier details or parent account courier details (i.e DHL account number)

It will use the child accounts DHL account number (it makes a print request to that account).

When printing Fastway and Couriers Please labels: Print3 39244 01 The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request

This issue can occur if you have Print Node selected as the method for printing Packing Slips.

In which order does Starshipit print orders?

Orders will print in the order they are sorted in the new tab, and not the order in which they are selected.

When using tags, is there a way for the tag to automatically be removed once the packing slip is printed?
  • When bulk selecting to print the packing slips you can use the same selection to add a tag e.g. 'PrintedSlip' which you can then exclude from the view.
  • Another option could be to print the packing slip and the shipping label together, which will move the order to printed/shipped. If you needed to make changes, you could re-print the label.
When I click save on a printing setting label type it doesn't save
  • While the App is open, open Task Manager (press control + shift + esc).
  • Go to the details tab, find StarShipitDesktop.exe and right-click it.
  • Select Open File location.
  • Find StarShipitDesktop and right click. Select properties then go to compatibility tab.
  • Tick "Run this program as an administrator" and select apply and then OK.
  • Close the Desktop App and open it again and you should now be able to save printing settings.
When attempting to download packing slips, they are sent directly to the printer and are automatically printed double-sided

Starshipit itself does not control the option to print documents double-sided. Instead, this is managed through the printer's settings. If packing slips are printing double-sided ('duplex' printing), this is because it is set as the default mode on the printer.

To resolve this, please follow these steps:

  • Access the printer properties or preferences on the computer.
  • Look for the printing settings or setup menu.
  • Change the default setting from double-sided (duplex) to single-sided (simplex) printing.

If these adjustments in the printer settings do not stop the double-sided printing, it may be necessary to consult with the printer's support team for detailed assistance.

Labels printing out blurry

Check your printer’s ink or toner levels, ensure the print head is clean, and adjust the printer’s resolution settings. Also, verify that you’re using the correct label paper.

Changing the label size/format in Starshipit

You can typically adjust label sizes in the settings menu of Starshipit, selecting from standard sizes or defining a custom size based on your needs.

Printing wirelessly with Starshipit

If your printer supports wireless printing, connect it to the same network as your computer and select it within Starshipit’s printer settings.

Printer not recognised by Starshipit

Ensure the printer is properly connected to your computer or network. Restart both your printer and computer, and check that the latest drivers are installed.

Printing from multiple computers

As long as the printer is networked correctly, you shouldn't need to set it up each time on each computer. Ensure that each computer has the necessary permissions to access the printer over the network.

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