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Can I use dimensions with Shopify?

Dimensions are not currently supported for import from Shopify to Starshipit, as Shopify lacks native dimension support. Consequently, dimensions will not be utilized at checkout with Shopify integrations.

What plan do I need to be on to get live rates with Shopify?

Live rates with Shopify are available on the Advanced and Plus plans, or with the third-party calculated rates add-on. Additionally, live rates are supported on Shopify's development plan.

I am using multi-locations in Shopify, how does this work in Starshipit?

For multiple locations in Shopify, the enhanced Shopify integration in Starshipit is recommended. You should establish a Starshipit child account for each Shopify fulfillment location and configure the enhanced integration for each. Within Shopify settings on each child account, from the locations drop down, select the location that corresponds to that child account. This will allow only orders from that location to import to that child account.

Can I import Shopify bundles with Starshipit?

Shopify bundles can be imported into Starshipit, and the platform supports most common Shopify bundling apps. Bundles can vary in their configuration in Shopify, so compatibility issues may arise. For bundles that are not displayed correctly in Starshipit or on packing slips, the "Unbundle Bundles using Line Item Properties" option can be utilized.

Why are my orders not importing from Shopify?

Check the following if orders are not importing from Shopify:

  • Order Status: Confirm that the Shopify order status is matched in Starshipit’s import settings at Settings > Integrations > Shopify Settings > Order Financial Status.
  • Rules and Exclusions: Review Starshipit rules at Settings > Rules and Shopify tags that may be preventing order imports.
  • Integration Configuration: Check the integration's setup under Settings > Integrations > Shopify and click Test to ensure it works to check your integration is working.
  • Order Age: Starshipit imports orders from the last two days. Manual imports are necessary for older orders.
  • Connectivity Issues: Investigate any connection interruptions at Settings > Integrations and verify that the Automatically import orders from all integrations option is active.

If I make a change to an order in Shopify, will it be displayed in Starshipit?

Changes made to orders in Shopify will be reflected in Starshipit in real-time as long as the order has not been dispatched. Updates are synchronized by automatically reimporting the modified orders into Starshipit. Enable this feature by subscribing to Shopify webhooks in the Shopify integration settings within Starshipit.

When do orders from Shopify show up in Starshipit?

Orders appear in Starshipit as soon as they reach the configured status in Shopify if Shopify webhooks are enabled under Settings > Integrations > Shopify Settings. Without webhooks, orders import every 20-30 minutes. For manual order imports, disable the automatic import option at Settings > Integrations.

Can I use Shopify only for live rates and not for importing my orders?

Absolutely! You can utilize Shopify solely for live rates while opting to import orders from an alternative system such as an inventory management platform. To configure this, integrate Shopify in the usual way, then navigate to Settings > Integrations > Shopify Settings andcheck the option Use for checkout rates only.

Will Starshipit update my orders in Shopify to say they are fulfilled?

Starshipit will update the fulfillment status of your Shopify orders. It does this by automatically providing tracking information to Shopify and marking orders as fulfilled. This can be set to occur upon printing labels or when you manifest orders, depending on your preference set in Settings > Integrations and check the option Write back order updates on manifest.

Can Starshipit tell Shopify when my orders have been delivered?

Yes, Starshipit can inform Shopify about the delivery status of orders. To enable this feature, access Settings > Integrations > Shopify Settings > Advanced and check the option Enable fulfillment event writeback. Starshipit will then update the order status in Shopify once it receives a delivery notification.

Can I import my Shopify tags to Starshipit?

Shopify tags can be imported into Starshipit and will appear within the order grid. This is available by enabling the setting in Settings > Integrations > Shopify Settings > Advanced and check the option Import order tags, which is visible when using UI 2.0, as tags are supported in this version.

Can I allow orders with a fraud warning in Shopify to import into Starshipit?

Orders with fraud warnings are typically allowed to import into Starshipit by default. However, if you prefer to block such orders, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Shopify Settings > Advanced and check the option Check fraudulent orders. Orders with a cancellation recommendation will then be excluded from import.

What should I do with my Shopify pre-orders?

To prevent pre-orders from importing into Starshipit, tag these orders in Shopify with Pre-order or a similar tag. Configure Starshipit to exclude these by entering the tag in the Exclude orders with these tags field under Settings > Integrations > Shopify Settings > Advanced. When ready to ship these orders, remove the tag in Shopify and conduct a manual import in Starshipit, specifying the number of days since the order was created to ensure all relevant pre-orders are imported.

Can I integrate multiple Shopify accounts into my Starshipit account?

You can integrate multiple Shopify accounts with your Starshipit account. To add additional accounts, go to Settings > Integrations > Add a new integration, and select Shopify for each account you wish to add.

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