Child Account FAQS

What is the difference between Full Access, 3PL, Multi Location, and Multi Workstation Accounts?

3PL (Third-Party Logistics) accounts are tailored for scenarios with one shipping location handling multiple brands. They share the same courier details but might have several e-commerce integrations. 3PL accounts have access to all settings accept courier settings.

Multi Location accounts are suited for businesses with one online store shipping from various locations. Integrate your e-commerce store with the parent account and apply rules to direct orders to the correct shipping warehouse. These accounts cannot manage Integration settings, CSV file setup, Rules, Tracking & Notifications, Digital Signature, API, or Checkout Rates. Order writebacks will be processed via the parent account.

Full Access accounts provide complete control and are ideal when your operations don't fit solely into other account types. These accounts can manage courier and integration settings individually and their order writebacks are based on their own integration settings.

Multi Workstation accounts serve environments with several printers in a single warehouse, allowing each user to have unique print settings linked to different printers via the print client. They share the same orders as the parent account and don't possess individual settings beyond print configurations.

Can I cancel my child account?

To cancel a child account, navigate to Settings > Child Accounts, edit the desired account, and choose Unlink user. This will disassociate the child account by the next day. Afterwards, log in to the child account, select Settings > Manage Account, choose your plan, and click Cancel to complete the cancellation.

Can I unlink my child account so it becomes its own standalone account?

To convert a child account into a standalone Starshipit account, navigate to Settings > Child Accounts, edit the account you wish to unlink, and select Unlink user. Once the account is unlinked overnight, log in to the now-independent account. Then navigate to Settings > Manage Account, select the appropriate plan, and save the changes.

Can my child account access my main parent account?

Child accounts are restricted to access only within their account and cannot access the main parent account or any other accounts.

Can my main parent account access my child accounts? 

The main parent account has the capability to access all associated child accounts using the parent account's login credentials.

Can you see reporting for your child accounts?

Starshipit reports can be executed for both parent and child accounts. Running a report from the parent account with "include child accounts" checked will compile data from all child accounts, indicating the specific account each data point pertains to. Reports run from a child account will only include data from that particular account.

If a customer purchases credit for SMS on the parent account, can the credit be used by child accounts to send SMS notifications?

SMS credits are not shared between the parent and child accounts. Each child account requires its own credit top-up to send SMS notifications.

Can a child account and a parent account have the same username?

Usernames within Starshipit must be unique; therefore, a child account cannot have the same username as its parent account or any other account.

Can I find orders from my child accounts from my parent account?

Orders placed within child accounts can be searched from the parent account. In the Workflows section, use the Search feature and ensure "Include Child accounts" is selected. The system will display orders across all accounts and indicate the specific child account for each order.

Can I print orders from my child accounts from my parent account?

You can print orders from child accounts directly from the parent account by going to Workflows > Scan and Print and ensuring "Include child accounts" is checked. Input the order number to locate and print the order without switching accounts. If duplicate order numbers exist, printing must be done from the specific child account.

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