Set up the Starshipit dashboard to suit your workflow (UI 2.0)

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  • Learn how to set up the Starshipit dashboard/orders grid in a way that works for you.
  • Choose which columns to display, use shortcuts to navigate the dashboard and more.

Choose which columns to display

You can choose which columns are displayed in the orders grid. To access the list of columns:

  1. Open the column options drop-down menu in the top right of the orders grid.
  2. Under Column Options, click the check box next to the columns you wish to display in the orders grid.
  3. Once you've selected (and deselected) the columns you want to display, click Apply at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

Here are the columns you can choose from:

Bin Location
The bin locations of the items in the order.
Carrier & Product
The carrier responsible for shipping the order and the carrier product chosen.
Company Name
The receiver's company name.
The destination country.
The customer's name.
A brief description of the ordered items.
Item QTY
The total number of items ordered.
Item Total
The total value of the items ordered excluding shipping (available in the new tab only).
The individual items included in the order.
The method or mode of shipping or delivery chosen for the order.
Any notes for the order.
Information about the packaging details.
Print Button
A button to initiate the printing of a shipping label.
The reference number for the order.
Shipping Paid
The value of the shipping paid by the customer at checkout.
SKUs for items ordered and their quantities.
The source or origin of the order.
The destination state or province within the destination country.
Any labels or tags associated with the order for organisational purposes.
The weight of the shipment.

Expanded grid view

Use the expanded grid view to display each item, SKU, and bin location on a new line, allowing for easy viewing of up to 5 items per order.

To enable the expanded grid view:

  1. Open the column options menu in the top right of the orders grid.
  2. Under Grid View, select Expanded.
  3. Click Apply.

Hotkeys and shortcuts

Select multiple orders in the orders grid:
  • Click the first order, hold the Shift key and click the last order. All orders in between will be selected.
When editing order information in a modal/pop-up in the Orders grid:
  1. Press the ESC key to close the modal (without saving), or:
  2. Press the ENTER or RETURN key to save and close the modal.

Edit order information from the orders grid

You can make edits to orders directly from the orders grid, meaning you don't need to open each order individually.

You can edit the following from within the Orders grid:

  • Customer/receiver address
  • Item(s) and item information
  • SKU(s)
  • Carrier product options (i.e. ATL/Signature required)
  • Packaging dimensions


To edit the receiver address for an order, click the edit icon in the Customer column and update as required, then click Save.

Creating and accessing views

You can save customised views of orders with different filters to easily access them.

To create and save a new view

  1. From the orders grid, click the Filter orders field on the top left.
  2. Select an option to filter by, or select multiple options.
    For example, "Carrier: Australia Post" and "State: NSW".
  3. The filters will be applied once clicked.
  4. To save these filters as a view, click Save as a view next to the Filter orders drop-down menu.
  5. Enter a unique name for the view then click Save.

If there's an option you’d like to filter by but it's not available in the preset, you can use tags instead.

  1. Navigate to SettingsTags.
  2. Click Add new to create a tag to filter by.
  3. After adding your tags, navigate to Rules.
  4. Click Add a new rule.
    For this example, if the order value is over $500, assign tag High Value.
  5. Now, filter your order grid for orders with the tag High Value and save this so you can easily view your high value orders.

To access a saved view

  1.  From the orders grid, click on the Select view drop-down menu on the top left.
  2. Select a view by clicking on its name.

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