Brand Hub


  • You can use the Brand Hub to manage all your brand assets from one place.
  • Your brand assets are used for customer notifications and the branded tracking page.
Returns, packing slips, and shipping labels are coming soon.

How it works

The Brand hub allows users customise the following items:

You can access the Brand hub by going to Starshipit > Settings > Brand hub.

Store details

Change your store name and store URL using these fields. The Store URL will link the logo to the provided URL.


Brand assets

Upload and manage brand assets, which appear on your shipping notifications and branded tracking page.

You can upload your logo and choose how it aligns, and upload a favicon.


Brand colours

Use this section to manage the colour scheme used across the post purchase experience, including customer notifications and your branded tracking page. To change a colour, click the bubble or enter the colour code directly.


Social media links

Add and manage the social links shown across your post purchase experience. If you leave a field empty, the icon will not be displayed.
You can choose to show or hide social links for each part of the post-purchase experience using Display options.


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