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If you experience an error that isn't outlined here, please reach out to our team.


  • This article outlines solutions to common Print Client errors.
  • Find out more about how to set up the Print Client.
  • Starshipit recommends using the Print App instead of the Print Client. Find out how to set up the Print App.

Error: Your labels aren't coming out of the printer

Close and reopen the Print Client

  1. Navigate to the taskbar (Windows), or menu bar (Mac)
  2. Click the arrow icon, then select the Starshipit Print Client.


  3. Right-click, then select Exit or Quit to close the Print Client. 


  4. If the Print Client is frozen, end the process from your task manager. We also recommend that if your computer has been on for an extended period (over 24 hours), restart it.
  5. Re-open the Starshipit Print Client. When you reopen the client, you will be asked to log back in with your authorisation code. To locate this, see here.
  6. Once logged in again, check that the machine name selected in Settings > Printing > Advanced matches the machine name in the print client. For help on finding your machine name, see our guide on finding your computer name. 


Error: Your account is using the wrong print settings

If you have a child account you may be finding that the printer you want to use is not selected. If that is the case then:

  1. Log out of Starshipit completely
  2. Log back into the child account directly, do not override the parent account
  3. Go to Settings > PrintingAdvanced >  Settings under a label type or Add new print settings and copy the authorisation code. For more information on finding the code, read this section.
  4. Log out of the print client:
    1. Right-click the icon in the taskbar 
    2. Select Open Print Client
    3. Click the blue Logout option
    4. Log back in using the authorisation code from Step 3
  5. If this has worked, the account tab should have the username of the child account, not the parent account

Error: I can't find the authorisation code

When you open the print client, you will be asked for the authorisation code. To locate this:

  1. Log into Starshipit
  2. Go to Settings > PrintingAdvanced >  Settings under a label type or Add new print settings
  3. You will then see the authorization code you can use to log into the app

Error: Your Starshipit Print Client is cutting out

As the Print Client is a legacy application, we suggest upgrading to the Print App to resolve any connectivity issues.



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