Scan and print with packing slips

Before you begin

Before you create and print labels for your order ensure you have performed the following tasks:

  1. Set up your courier service
  2. Validate your shipping address

1. Generate the packing slip

Packing slips can be generated from Starshipit or from your eCommerce platform. You must have a barcode of the order number to do this. 

  1. Go to Orders, then select the New tab. 
  2. Select the orders you want to print packing slips for.
  3. Click Print, then select Print Packing Slips
  4. Click Print to confirm.

2. Scan the packing slip

Once you have picked and packed your items, go to Quick Print and scan the order number. You can use many different types of scanners. We recommend you use something similar to the LS2208 General Purpose Barcode Scanner.


3. Print the label

  1. Open the order to review it before printing.
  2. Print on scanning. This automatically prints the label.

We recommend using direct printing by setting up Print Application. Starshipit will automatically send the label to your printer.

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