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  • This article outlines solutions to common printing errors for Windows and Mac.
  • If you experience an error that isn't outlined below, please contact

Is your printer online and configured?

Download the label and print directly from the PDF to your printer. Did it print? If not, its likely an issue with your printer. Try the below steps to troubleshoot.

  • Check the printer itself is connected to your computer and is showing as online. You can check if a printer is online in your computers printing settings. An offline printer in Windows shows as a greyed-out icon in Devices and Printers. Macs will say the Printer will specify the printer status in the printer menu. 


  • Check to see if the labels are showing in the printer's queue. If when you print, the labels show in the queue then Starshipit is working correctly as it is successfully submitting labels to your printer queue. 
  • Did the label print from PDF but come out the wrong size or misaligned? It's likely an issue with the printer config and we'd recommend trying to re-calibrate your printer. Re-calibrating the printer allows it to check what paper size it currently has loaded so it can determine where to start and finish printing a label on the roll. 
  • If you have tried the above but are still having problems getting the label to print, we'd recommend contacting your IT support or the printer company support so they can check what drivers you have set up and whether your computer can properly access the printer. 

Which application are you using?

  • Starshipit has different printing solutions and understanding which one you are using will be key to finding out why your direct printing isn't working. This should be checked if the above has been confirmed. 
App Print Client Print Application Desktop Print App
Icon mceclip0.png Starshipit Shipping & Tracking by Starshipit | Shopify App mceclip1.png

Used if you print directly from Shopify or print from the browser


Print client only allows one printer per courier per Starshipit account

Recommended printing solution


Opens a desktop application that you print from instead of the browser

Very similar to Print Application however supports UI 2.0

Set up guide (Legacy) Set up the print client Set up Print Application
Troubleshooting Print Client troubleshooting Print App/Desktop troubleshooting


If all of the above fails to resolve your issue, please contact our support team on and let them know which printer solution you are using to further investigate the issue. 

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