Configure packing slips using the template editor


The packing slip template editor is a versatile tool designed to enhance your shipping process by allowing you to customise packing slips to your specific needs. With an intuitive Excel-embedded interface, this editor offers the flexibility to personalize every aspect of your packing slips, from layout to content, using a range of variables that represent shipment information.

To learn more about packing slips and generating them in Starshipit, check out our guide.

Why customise packing slips

Customising your packing slips can both improve the unboxing experience for your customers and streamline your packing process. Customised packing slips can:

  • Improve packing accuracy by including relevant details such as item descriptions, quantities, and special instructions.
  • Design packing slips that align with your warehouse layout and product types for faster processing.
  • Use custom slips to convey your brand’s identity and professionalism, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

Setting Up Your Custom Packing Slip

  1. Go to Settings > Packing Slips and choose Customize using Template Editor.
  2. Directly edit the text within the editor to change wording or add custom messages.
  3. Utilise the variable list on the right-hand side of the editor. These variables, such as %OrderNumber% or %ItemDescription%, dynamically insert shipment-specific information when the packing slip is generated.
  4. Once you're satisfied with your custom packing slip, click the Save button to apply your changes.


Sender's phone number
Package name
Package dimensions (weight is already supported)
Separate shipping method and description
Separate Destination address from phone number and company name
Item Barcode Value
Item Barcode
Order Date
Printed Date/Time
Order notes
Total number of items
Model #

Additional tips and common edits

  • For more complex edits, you can export the template to Excel, make your changes, and then re-import it back into the system.
  • Highlight text and use the toolbar to adjust the font size, colour, and type for better readability and branding.
  • Add or remove any data fields by including variables or deleting unwanted content from the template. You can remove full sections by removing columns 
  • Manage the order of items listed on your packing slips through the sorting settings (found under Settings > Packing Slip > Sorting). This feature helps in organizing the packing process according to your operational needs and preferences.
  • Incorporate variables related to packaging names and dimensions to facilitate a more organized and efficient packing process. This information can be crucial for packers to select the appropriate packaging for each order, thereby improving speed and accuracy.
At this time, the template editor does not support the inclusion of images

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